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Our varied range of products is constantly expanded, always offering new solutions in size and packaging, improving the storing of our cheese and enhancing its organoleptic characteristics.

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Sepi’s products are made with Sardinian milk, standing out with the quality of the raw materials. Our cheeses, mainly made from sheep’s milk, stand out for the techniques of production, size and degree of aging. Our product line, from very mild to extra-matured cheese, includes PDO excellence products and state-of-the-art flavoured cheeses. Our range of products is joined by ricotta (cottage cheese), both soft and matured, and by melted cheeses, a dairy product that combines a strong flavour with spicy and tasty notes.

The PDO Consortia of Protection

Sepi participates in the three PDO consortia of protection in Sardinia. - Pecorino sardo PDO: it is one of the most known and characteristic Sardinian cheeses, which is available in two different varieties: mild and mature.
- Fiore sardo PDO: it represents the most ancient sheep’s milk cheese in Sardinia, dating back to the Bronze Age. One of the few cheeses produced with raw milk, it has its name probably due to the wooden molds carved with a flower (fiore means “flower” in Italian).
-Pecorino romano PDO: big in size and aged for a long time, now its production has been limited to the Sardinian and Latium territory. It remains the most exported Sardinian pecorino cheese.

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Fioretto is the flagship product of Sepi diary. It is a sheep’s milk cheese selected with a minimum aging time of two months. This hard textured cheese interior is characterized by the distinctive notes of its strong flavour and aroma, that reminds of the pastures and the Mediterranean scrub. It is the cheeseboard par excellence, appreciated by those who look for an authentic pecorino with a strong flavour.

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