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From the beginning, tradition was our guide, today supported by innovation and by the most modern production technologies. Our products are made with Sardinian milk, a further guarantee of the genuine and reliable quality of the cheese-making process. Indeed, quality in production and organisation, carried on harmoniously, are today the strong point of our products.

Our story - The Sedda family

Our company started back in the 70s, when Salvatore Sedda and his brothers, coming from central Sardinia, decided to start a family business in the Campidano plain. Sepi has grown and has been modernized thanks to Sedda brothers’ experience, becoming a company strongly rooted in both regional and national territory. Then as now, also with the help of the new generation, our company ensures every step of our production process: milk collection and processing, aging, packaging and distribution of products in sales networks. It has been a forty-year story, made out of art and love for cheese.


Our mission is to ensure high quality standards during every step of the process, paying attention to our clients’ requirements, keeping the Sardinian dairy tradition through the development of modern and innovative techniques, and enhancing our people and territory.

Quality and Certifications

Quality for us means making use of the most advanced techniques of production, appropriate means and highly qualified workers. Every process is regularly certified by external authorities internationally recognised. We are in possession of IFS, BRC and BIO certifications.

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The Sardinian pastures: a territory to preserve

The agro-pastoral activity is still one of the most important treasures of the island. Here it prospers respecting the environment, the animals and the tradition. The uniqueness of the Sardinian farming in given by the natural pastures located in a territory that offers a high level of biodiversity which is distinctive of the Mediterranean basin. It is precisely in the characteristics of the territory and in the well-being of animals that we can find the crucial factors for quality products, hence we use only Sardinian milk mainly from central Sardinia and from Campidano plain.

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